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Eolian (ee·oh·lee·uhn) is more than just ceramics. It's a celebration of culture, craftsmanship, and the joy of home dining. Co-founded by José Andrade and Johan Loekito, two designers whose Mexican and Indonesian roots infuse every piece with a rich tapestry of heritage.

Amidst the pandemic, they discovered the art of savoring home-cooked meals with friends and family. Inspired by these moments, they transformed their shared passion for design into Eolian, where each ceramic creation is one of a kind—truly Eolian: shaped by the wind.

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Our dinnerware range includes the timeless Segara coupe-shaped stoneware, featuring a unique... 


Stylishly designed to impress in any context, these pieces are a stylish addition... 


The Segara Bowl offers classic style with its curved walls, while the Minerva...